Mushrooms of The Sunshine Coast

Meronwood Mycology Centre

Cutie-Pie Cauliflower

This little cutie-pie cauliflower mushroom was sitting right by the path just waiting for us. Mount Elphie.

Fomitopsis pinicola

Shiny happy polypore smiling in the forest. And why not? This Fomitopsis pinicola lives on Mount Elphie – you’d smile too!

Hypholoma fasciculare

Sulfur Tufts as we’ve not seen them – so orange. Hypholoma fasciculate cute but poisonous. Valley of Giants.

Valley of Giants

Valley of Giants: chanterelles, pines and honeys on the way to BenofDares. Bags heavy with mushrooms. What a day!

Teeth (Phellodon melaleucus)

Sunshine, red ooze, dramatic colouring and teeth! A rockin’ Phellodon melaleucus on the way to BenofDares.

Chanterelle Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to McDowell’s Mom & Dad and to everyone in the mushroom world kicking off another fall season!

Puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum)

Gem-Studded devil snuffboxes. Reminds McDowell of her punk years. Sex Pistols, studs, snuffboxes… Rock the Casbah

Big Summer Chantie

Where are all the mushrooms. Hot weather and no rain. Then Balfour finds the biggest summer chanterelle ever!

Chanterelle Hat

McDowell goes into the forest with her hat in her hand and comes out loaded – with chanterelles. And the dogs get their walk.

Summer Hedgehogs

Summer hedgehogs. How is this possible? All we know is McDowell’s face lights up whenever she’s Hedgehog Dreaming!

Trametes versicolor

May and the Trametes v. is gorgeous. So too are the Mom bear and two teeny tiny cubs we met on the mountain.

Oyster (Pleurotus)

Perfection oysters: firm and delicious. Deck dried in the sunshine, and by lava lamp, to rock that ergosterol into vitamin D.

Yellowfoot, Craterellus tubaeformis

Welcome to winter 2016, winter chanterelles that is! Deelish, give them a nice dry fry and enjoy around the fire. We love winter.

Trametes versicolor

February offers the ever-subtly beautiful Trametes versicolor or turkey tail. Upper Mount Elphinstone.

Chanterelle (Solstice +6)

Latest-in-the-year chanterelle mushroom we’ve found on the Sunshine Coast. 2015 December 27. Joy to the world!


Sweet chanties just keep on giving. Rain brings out these beauties to shine against the green forest background.

FalseMorels (Gyromitra infula)

False morels are popping up in cleared forest areas. Cool to look at, toxic unless really, really cooked. Lower Mount Elphie.

Hydnellum geogenium

Tricky one but McDowell is calling it. Not common, may be rare and she may be incorrect. Mid Mount Elphie.

Hawkwing (Sarcodon imbricatus)

What beautiful patterns and big teeth you have Hawk Wing. And someone we know loves teeth. Upper Wilson Creek.

Hedgehogs (Hydnum repandum)

McDowell is crazy for teeth. Balfour found the biggest hedgehog we’ve ever seen. Lower Roberts Creek.

Honeys (Armillaria)

Some pooh-pooh them. McDowell doesn’t drink much so she’s always onboard for a honey fest. Cliff Gilker Park. Soames Hill.

Bristly (Pholiota squarrosa)

Always a sucker for crunchy toppings and shaggy hairdos, McDowell was overjoyed to find these on lower Mount Elphinstone.

Pine (Tricholoma magnivelare)

Balfour can smell them a mile away. McDowell can eat them! The prize of the forest. Lower Roberts Creek.

Brown Velvet (Boletus mirabilis)

Brown velvet cap, lemony-green sponge pores, sturdy reticulated stalks. Who wouldn’t fall in love? Mnt Elphinstone.

Pretty Fly (Amanita muscaria)

You don’t have to be Alice to adore Amanita muscaria. Soma, entheogen, rabbit holes, magical beauties. Mid Roberts Creek.


Early fall and the chanterelles are calling us. Wake up thinking about foraging, talk about foraging, dream foraging.

Oyster (Pleurotus)

Run the trails in April and harvest fresh oyster mushrooms for dinner with friends. Perfect. Cliff Gilker Park.

Morels (Morchella)

Fresh wood chips and cleared spaces in spring can inspire these beauties. Downtown Sechelt.