Meronwood Mycology Centre

Mushrooms of the Sunshine Coast (and beyond)

2020 Fall
Hedgies are here and the first of the pines!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful time, exploring the forests.

And a request – please don’t cut off just the tops of fruiting bodies.
That makes the mycelium work to keep that body growing instead of producing a new flush.
And the stems of chanties, hedgies, pines, boletes… are just as delicious as the tops.

Sunshine Coast Mushrooms, Amanita muscaria, the mother, the daughter and the pup

Sunshine Coast Mushrooms

Our favourite foraging.
Meronwood Photo Gallery, Hedgehog. McDowell loves the teeth.

Mushroom Photo Gallery

Photos of all the mushrooms
Tofino Mushrooms, Boletus mirabilis, McDowell loves boletes.

Tofino Mushrooms

Mushroom foraging and surfing

Hedgie Dreaming 2016

About Meronwood

Two foragers wild in the woods.

Meronwood Mycology Centre

Meronwood Mycology Centre is located in Roberts Creek and Soames on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. Our goal is to learn about the wild mushrooms of the Sunshine Coast and forage for delicious, interesting, common and unusual fungi. Spring, summer, fall and winter you will find us on Mount Elphinstone, Roberts Creek, Soames Hill, Sprockids and various byways and paths throughout the lower Sunshine Coast.

Co-founder Balfour is in tune with the forests of the Sunshine Coast and an amazing person to roam the woods with.

Co-founder McDowell believes mushrooms are magic and also forages the forests of Tofino and Ontario cottage country.

Both are forever grateful to Lashwood and Meron who encourage us to be the best people we can.